Mosadal nail care oil 10ml
Mosadal nail care oil 10ml

Mosadal nail care oil 10ml

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For brittle fingers and toenails

Mosadal nail care oil nourishes stressed and soft nails with organic argan oil, various citrus oils, lavender oil and other essential oils. The nail is supplied by the natural oils with moisture and thus strengthened.

Also suitable for brittle toenails

 It is also highly recommended for brittle toenails. It also prevents the formation of new cuticles. Goodbye nail fungus! With Mosadal nail care oil you can not only strengthen stressed and soft nails, but also effectively fight nail fungus. Nail fungus is caused by shoot, thread and yeast fungi. Toenails are more often affected by it. With the effective ingredients of Mosadal nail care oil you prevent the nail fungus formation. 

Prevent nail fungus

Application You strengthen soft nails by applying the Mosadal nail care oil, with the brush provided, or for example with a make-up removal pad or a cotton swab, on soft nails and gently massage. The application should be several times a week, until the desired result is achieved