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Data protection

Based on Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the data protection provisions of the Swiss Confederation (Data Protection Act, DSG), every person has the right to protection of their privacy as well as protection against misuse of their personal data. We comply with these provisions. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential and is neither sold nor passed on to third parties. In close cooperation with our hosting partners, we strive to protect the databases as best as possible against unauthorized access, loss, misuse or falsification. When you access our websites, the following data is stored in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and generally transmitted information about the operating system or browser. This usage data forms the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, so that trends can be identified, on the basis of which we can improve our offers accordingly.



The following General Terms and Conditions apply to all business transactions, unless otherwise agreed in writing. With the initiation of an order, the General Terms and Conditions are agreed.


Order and offers

The buyer commits himself with his order to Shop2.ch Gmbh. The order is made orally or in writing. A binding force for Shop2.ch Gmbh arises only after its written confirmation that the order is executed. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of the order as well as for the fact that Shop2.ch Gmbh receives all information concerning the ordered product(s) within seven days after receipt of the order. Cancellation of the contract by the buyer is only possible as long as Shop2.ch Gmbh or its suppliers have not carried out any production measures regarding the ordered good(s); Shop2.ch Gmbh shall be held harmless for any resulting damages/costs.
If the goods are produced or otherwise processed by Shop2.ch Gmbh and the buyer has a specification for this, Shop2.ch Gmbh is to be held harmless for all resulting damages/costs.
If the goods are produced or otherwise processed by Shop2.ch Gmbh, Shop2.ch Gmbh shall be held harmless for all damages/costs arising herefrom. 
If the goods are manufactured or otherwise processed by Shop2.ch Gmbh and the Buyer has submitted a specification for this purpose, the Buyer shall indemnify Shop2.ch Gmbh from any loss, damage, claim, cost or other expense if the manufacture, treatment or processing of the goods in accordance with the contract on the basis of this specification of the buyer proves or has proved to be an infringement of a patent, copyright, trademark or other property right of a third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Shop2.ch Gmbh reserves the right to change descriptions of our goods with respect to specifications of the buyer to the extent that legal requirements are to be taken into account and to the extent that such change does not result in a deterioration of the order with respect to quality and usability.
The offers of Shop2.ch Gmbh are subject to change and non-binding and become binding only upon written confirmation in accordance with the aforementioned provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.
The Shop2.ch Gmbh is entitled to change and improve the goods without having to inform the buyer in advance, provided that the change or improvement neither the form nor the function of the goods permanently burdened or deteriorated.



The prices of the Online Shop are inclusive of VAT, shipping and packaging costs are shown separately. The prices are subject to change and can be changed at any time. The prices valid on the day of the order are calculated.


Disposal and disposal costs

The disposal of the goods is not included in the price. No disposal fee will be charged at the time of purchase, this will be due at the time of any disposal by Shop2.ch Gmbh and will be charged to the buyer based on the current disposal price list in addition to the handling costs.


Delivery time

Shop2.ch Gmbh will make every effort to meet the stated delivery times, but cannot accept any liability. Cases of force majeure are not the responsibility of Shop2.ch Gmbh and entitle them to extend agreed delivery times. Delivery periods are automatically extended by the duration of the delay. As cases of higher force are considered in particular, but not exclusively, also an operational standstill/failure, strikes or official orders, which are not to blame for by us. In the event of delay, the purchaser shall be obliged to set a reasonable period of grace. Claims for damages arising from delay in delivery are excluded.


Shipping and assembly

Shop2.ch Gmbh delivers from stock at the expense of the buyer to the specified address, or to the valley station. As unloading point are ground level places, such as goods receipt, ramp, warehouse, workshop. Transport/assembly within the building is at the expense of the buyer. For special transports, the purchaser must provide auxiliary personnel, elevators or cranes at his own expense. The assembly site must be prepared accordingly. If goods have to be relocated, the additional costs shall be borne by the Buyer. Partial deliveries are permissible. Changes after receipt of order will be charged additionally to the buyer.
The goods travel at the risk of the recipient. In the case of delivery by truck, transport damage must be reported to the driver of the vehicle immediately upon arrival of the goods. The damage must be noted twice on the delivery bill. The LSVA is at the expense of the buyer. In the case of transport by rail or post, the recipient undertakes to obtain an inventory from the transport company for any transport damage. Shipping to private individuals is always cash on delivery.
In case of default of acceptance by the buyer, Shop2.ch Gmbh is entitled to store the goods at the risk and expense of the buyer.
If the assembly and commissioning for reasons for which Shop2.ch Gmbh is not responsible, can not be done in one step, the additional costs are borne by the buyer.


Payment terms

In our store, the following payment methods are available: Master Card, Visa, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, PostFinance, Post Card, Sofort Überweisung, Twint



You will receive an invoice by e-mail after ordering. The invoice amount shown on it is due and payable immediately. The order will be executed only after full receipt of the invoice amount.


Cash on delivery

If you choose the payment method cash on delivery, plus 50.00 CHF as the cost of transport with our transport service provider incurred.



You pay the invoice amount via the online provider Paypal. You must basically be registered there or register first, legitimize with your access data and confirm the payment instruction to us. You will receive further instructions during the ordering process.
Payments are to be made in Swiss francs (CHF). For the receipt of payment, the day on which Shop2.ch Gmbh can dispose of the amount is decisive. The buyer waives the right to offset any claims against Shop2.ch Gmbh against the purchase price.



If the buyer exceeds a payment deadline, he is in default without prior notice and Shop2.ch Gmbh is entitled to charge him an additional default interest of at least 6% of the amount owed. Shop2.ch Gmbh reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the buyer is in default.


Retention of Title

All items purchased remain the property of Shop2.ch Gmbh, which reserves the right to register the reservation of title.


Warranty and exclusion of liability

The legal warranty obligation of Shop2.ch Gmbh for defects is hereby excluded. In its place, the right of the buyer to free rectification of defects, if he notifies Shop2.ch Gmbh of the defect within the agreed warranty period. The guarantee period begins with the day of the supply. In the case of a recognized lack the Shop2.ch Gmbh reserves itself the right to remove the lack by rework or to make a replacement delivery against return of the commodity; further requirements of the buyer against the Shop2.ch Gmbh remain reserving, if the rework does not succeed also in the second attempt. The Shop2.ch Gmbh reserves itself the right to replace parts of the object of the purchase instead of the rework. Replaced parts become the property of Shop2.ch Gmbh. The warranty for Shop2.ch Gmbh's goods does not cover product defects resulting from improper installation or use, misuse, negligence, or other causes on the part of the purchaser or third parties. In addition, no warranty is provided for malfunction or damage to our goods, in particular but not exclusively for the following reasons:

Inappropriate or improper use or negligent handling of the goods by the buyer and / or third parties.
Faulty installation or commissioning of the goods by the buyer and / or third parties.
Deviation from agreed or usual operating conditions or omitted instructions of the buyer according to these terms and conditions.
Non-compliance with the operating instructions or prescribed operating data or omission of the maintenance provided for in the operating instructions by the buyer and / or third parties.
Natural wear and tear is not considered a defect. (Example: calcification)

The warranty period is not changed by the rectification, but continues without interruption. For newly installed parts, the remaining warranty period of the replaced parts applies. The buyer has no right to compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by the defect in the purchased item (e.g. lost profits, damage to the goods, loss of production, etc.).
The buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately upon receipt for completeness, correctness and other freedom from defects and to notify any defects in writing within 2 days of receipt to Shop2.ch Gmbh in writing within 2 days of receipt, otherwise the corresponding warranty rights expire.
This disclaimer applies to both contractual and, to the extent permitted by law, non-contractual claims.


Applicable law

Swiss law applies.



The place of jurisdiction is the Commercial Court of Zurich